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As an author, before proceeding, please read the important guide section below and the section on how to fill the form.

As a reviewer when you login, you will see assigned papers for your review with instructions. 


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Important Guide!

This is your dashboard for all-things abstracts!

(1) First you need to register. Else login if you have previously registered. See the section below on how to fill the form!

(2) If your event accepts only abstracts, kindly include all attachments i.e upload (i) abstract (in organiser provided template), (ii) Paper information form (PIF), and (iii) completed Transfer of Copyright (TOC) form.

(3) If your event is accepting multi-stage submissions i.e. Abstracts, then Draft Manuscript, before Camera Ready Manuscript (which means full manuscript plus TOC and TIF), then note that at abstract submission stage, do not attach the full paper, TOC or PIF. 

(4) After close of abstracts submission (if your abstract is accepted), a call will be issued for Draft manuscript. Return to this site and upload your draft  manuscript using template provided by your organiser. 

(5) After close of draft manuscript submission (if your draft manuscript is accepted), a call will be issued for camera ready manuscript. Return to this site and upload your full manuscript, completed PIF and completed and duly signed TOC using ONLY templates provided by your organiser. 

Further questions? Please contact your event organiser

How to fill the form!

(1) Under abstract information, (a) Enter abstract title (b) replace the existing text with the text of your abstract.

(2) Upload Section:  follow guides 3 -5 in the previous column. 

(3) On the left plan select your event

(4) Enter/update authors information. Use the + button to add more authors.

(4) Enter/update details of the author who will present the paper at the conference (only one author details required) 

(5) Select presentation preference (Projector (oral) or Poster (Ignore Roundtable or Panel.)

(6) IMPORTANT ! Scroll up the form and MAKE SURE TO click Submit.

Questions? Please contact your event organiser